The Ragged Stranger, Songs & Conversation with Paul Murphy

These are a couple of songs and conversations that were recorded during an lovely afternoon I spent with Paul Murphy in the springtime before he passed. Although it was a difficult day, as he was told of his illness, being a statesman he wanted to continue to record and chat.

These recordings were only ever intended to be roughs before a further recording session. Thankfully, Paul heard the recordings before he died and messaged me, 'Ahhh, thank you...very pleasing indeed and your work and inventiveness greatly appreciated....and what a surprise the story interludes! molto graze x'

Paul was a good friend to me over the years and he was always telling stories, singing songs and giving a voice to music and songwriting. The lyrics for these songs are very poignant, haunting, considerate and inspired. Shadow man, Paul told me, is a lullaby for his Grandchildren. Paul played me the reprise version first, I commented it was a scary lullaby, he quickly shifted to the version - the first song - that was lyrically a lullaby. Whichever version he sang, the contradiction of hope and concern highlights the beauty and the kindness of a man I know many continue to miss.

These are songs that shouldn't be left in the drawer or on a USB stick, even if a little unfinished. Feel free to share with any friends, relatives or anyone who may have known him. For a limited time the wav files are available to download here or you can have a listen here - low quality mp3 - via Mixcloud: